uavair collaborates with surrey search and rescue

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UAV Air collaborates with Surrey Search and Rescue


A safety orientated British drone training centre has teamed up with Surrey Search and Rescue in an effort to make its CAA approved UAQ training course more relevant to the field. The UAV Air UAQ-SAR course will deliver tailored, context-specific training that actively addresses the challenges Search and Rescue (SAR) services face.

More than just a CAA approved course, the UAQ curriculum will go well beyond the requirements of the UK’s specialist aviation regulator. With a focus on SAR, it will include application specific training designed to meet the needs of contemporary field personnel. Ultimately, the goal is to train more relevant, multi-skilled drone pilots, capable of applying their skills to SAR applications. For SAR teams, it will represent reduced training costs, with savings that can be channelled back into their life saving charity accounts. As well as a new emphasis on SAR, the UAQ course will also address a range of bolt on CPD (continuing professional development) modules. These include search techniques, water rescue and night operations.

“Drones have earned themselves a reputation that’s dripping with stigma, largely due to highly publicised run ins with commercial aircrafts, as well as their use as a military intelligence weapon. With the SAR programme, we’re aiming to transform public opinion and reimagine drones as lifesaving technology,” says Ben Keene, Operations Director, UAV Air.

Strengthening the SAR focus is involvement from UAV Air’s parent company, ConsortiQ. As a UK based, globally biased integrated drone service provider, ConsortiQ outfits an impressive inventory of industry leading aviation brands. As part of the new SAR curriculum development ConsortiQ will be trialling several proprietary fixed wing aircraft that will bring significant advantages to the SAR environment such as flight time and payload increases.

“We’re elated to be working with UAVAir and anticipate that our summer training season will step up a notch because of it. Their expertise in drone technology coupled with our experience in UK SAR will cultivate the development of a niche curriculum that arms personnel with the skills and equipment to save more lives,” says Simon Green, Surrey Search & Rescue.

After trialling with Surrey SAR, the pioneering course will be rolled out to other SAR organisations this summer.