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Jul - 20
top 5 industries

Top 5 Industries To Enter With Your PfCO

The amazing capabilities of drones have transformed a number of industries since they become more widely available – and now there are dozens of sectors experimenting and exploring the potential of UAVs in a range of different applications. If you’ve…

Jun - 27

UAV Tips: What is Airspace?

This week’s UAV tip series will cover the basics of a complex and important subject, airspace. The purpose of the airspace structure is to keep aircraft safe and maintain an orderly flow of traffic. In this tip, we will take…

Jun - 20

UAV Tips: Understanding Air Law

The UK is at the forefront of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) operations as the governing body has taken a positive and practical stance regarding their usage and is keen for the industry to grow. Regulations are not always clear…