Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ)

The UAQ course is UK CAA compliant and once completed you will receive your certificate of competence, which will serve as confirmation of your drone skills when applying for your PfCO. The UAQ also allows you to seek employment with an existing company that holds a PfCO.

Fast-Track - £999 + VAT

Pay up front and complete the UAQ training course in just 3 consecutive days. Then complete your Operations Manual using our quick and easy template and review service to receive your PfCO recommendation.

Pay as You Go - £250 + VAT

Start your journey with distance learning. This allows you to easily spread the cost and learn and your own pace. 

1. Instalment – Deposit (access to online learning) £250
2. Instalment – Ground School £950
3. Instalment – Flight Assessment £215

Total - £1,415 + VAT

Learn to Fly a Drone

Learn the basics of flying a drone safely and efficiently. This 90 minute private instruction will go through all the basics of operating a drone or build on your current skillset to help you pass your Flight Assessment.

Total - £215 + VAT

If you're interested in one of our industry bolt-ons or would like to enquire about a bespoke training package, get in touch.