Why Choose UAVAir?

To date more than 500 pilots have taken UAVAir’s Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ). It’s alumni are some of the UK’s leading operators, and the course continues to be the only choice for anyone training to become a commercial drone pilot. It is designed so that candidates can plan their training around existing commitments, and below are some of the ways in which UAVAir will continue to offer unrivalled choice and convenience in 2018.

There are more than 50 courses to choose from throughout the year

With at least one course running every week, UAVAir will be delivering more courses than ever in 2018. Candidates will also benefit from its continuing commitment to never cancel a course. With many pilots-in-training being busy members of the Media, Construction and Oil and Gas industries, this combination of reliability and choice gives UAQ candidates the flexibility they need in their training.

Courses are available at locations that cover the whole of the UK

UAVAir has trained pilots in locations as diverse as the Scottish Highlands, East Anglia and County Down, and courses run regularly in locations throughout the UK. This unparalleled geographical coverage will be further extended next year, with the addition of a regular course at Haydock Park. 

The availability of mid-week courses

Traditionally the UAQ course has been delivered over a three day period, usually beginning on a Saturday morning. To increase choice for its candidates UAVAir has added a number of mid-week dates to its 2018 schedule.

Dual instructor format

UAVAir is proud of the premium-quality training it provides to its customers. Each UAQ Ground School instructor has extensive experience in either Manned or Unmanned Aviation, and class sizes are limited so that students can benefit from this. The dual-instructor format ensures that every candidate has all the support they need throughout the UAQ Ground School.

Distance learning

The study tools that UAVAir provides are the best in the industry. In combination with its bespoke study manuals, the online learning platform allows candidates to complete their pre-course preparation in a way that is convenient to them. In addition, UAVAir’s Flexible Payment Plan allows candidates to spend as long as they like completing their initial studies before moving on to the next stage of their training.

Outstanding customer support both pre and post course

Many UAQ candidates have a number of questions and concerns about their course at all stages of the process. Our expert advisors are always on-hand to speak to customers about any aspect of their training. Candidates can call with queries relating to anything from making a Ground School booking, to planning an operation in a congested area.

UAVAir is proud of the enduring popularity of its UAQ course. As one of the UK’s leading CAA accredited training providers, it looks forward to continuing to train some of the UK’s best operators throughout 2018. 

Download the list of 2018 course dates and get started on your UAV journey today.