Why you should choose a UAQ over a BNUC ™ or UAQ drone qualification.

Is the UAQ " BNUC TM or equivalent "?

The short answer is yes, in order to fly Drones up to 20kg commercially the CAA state that a qualification is required which must be " BNUC TM or equivalent". You must prove to the CAA that you can fly safely and that you are competent. Currently the only official way to do this is to visit a CAA approved NQE or Drone Training school, just like UAVAir.

What is a BNUC ™?

The first commercial drone qualification established in the market was the BNUC ™ developed by EuroUSC™ in 2008, so it's not surprising that this qualification has become referenced in many documents. The BNUC kickstarted the fledgling drone industry by allowing commercial drone pilots to demonstrate competency. However, there are up to 8 different organisations approved to deliver a CAA approved qualification (" equivalent to a BNUC ™") which satisfies the requirements for Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW).

BNUCAfter successfully completing a course with UAVAir, you will gain your UAQ - Unmanned Aircraft Qualification. This qualification is officially recognised by the CAA, and therefore allows you to apply directly for your Permission For Aerial work - PFAW, which is a legal requirement for any company or individual wishing to to conduct Aerial work with a Drone.

The UAQ, BNUC ™, RPQ, and similar are all equally recognised by the CAA as proof of competence.

There is currently no official Drone licence for individuals, contrary to what some people may believe, there is however approved training courses which are officially recognised as proof of competency, these can be found on the CAA website. Most Drone Training schools will issue you with a qualification similar to a Drone licence, and the most common ones are the UAQ, BNUC ™ and RPQ. These are all equivalent as far as the CAA are concerned and will allow you to work as a professional Drone pilot with a current PFAW holding operator, or to apply for your own Permit For Aerial Work - PFAW.

UAVAir can offer you all the required theoretical training, exams  and flight assessment in just three consecutive days. There is also no requirement to complete an Operations Manual prior to the Flight Assessment, as UAVAir offers you the option of using our generic flight procedures.

Complete all exams and Flight Assessment in just 3 days
Online Training combined with Classroom Training
Learn from Airline Pilots and Professional Drone Pilots

We offer our students online training and practice exams to complete before turning up for the course - maximising the time spend on practical and operational relevant training, but also to give our students an opportunity to get a head start on what is a very intense two days of theoretical training.

The course is designed by current Airline Pilots and Professional Drone operators, giving you the confidence that the course incorporates relevant elements from both manned- and unmanned aviation. Our instructors are equally qualified Airline Pilots and/or Commercial Drone Pilots, many with their own successful Drone businesses. This ensures that your instructors on the day, will be able to offer you a real insight in to what is required as a Commercial operator.

UAVAir is also striving to offer our students as much support as possible, and we therefore invite our current and former students to join our ever growing community on Facebook, where you can share thoughts, ideas and ask questions about everything Drone related.

At UAVAir we aim to offer relevant and convenient training. We believe that the course should be designed to help new operators succeed in the fast growing industry and not just to satisfy a legal requirement. Find out more here or visit our facebook group to chat to past students and instructors.

We look forward to welcoming you on to one of our training courses in 2016.

Abbreviation decode:
UAQ - Unmanned Aircraft Qualification / BNUC ™ - Basic National UAS Certificate / RPQ - Remote Pilot Qualification / CAA - Civil Aviation Authority / PFAW - Permission for Aerial Work

The BNUC ™ is a trademark of EuroUSC.

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