What are drones used for? We explore how to use drones.

Drones are arguably one of the most exciting technologies of today. Since they first appeared in the skies over 50 years ago, more than even they are becoming known by more than just engineers and robotics professionals. Available in different formats, cheap enough for anyone to own, they are slowly making their way into mainstream popularity for a number of different purposes. However, although many people know what they are now, some may still wonder what they are actually used for, and why anyone would want to learn how to fly one! Here we’ve compiled the top uses of a drone to help shed some light on these masters of flight.

Breaking into Hollywood

Drones are capable of flying with heavy loads, meaning it is possible to send the highest quality film cameras up into the skies. Many directors love to make use of the extra versatility and wide range of shots that can be achieved by using this technique. For example, aerial drone filming specialists Cloud 12 are responsible for creating beautiful establishing shots that can be seen in recent Hollywood blockbuster ‘Criminal’ featuring actor Kevin Costner. Next time you see an aerial shot in a movie, it was more than likely created by using a drone.

Taking photography and filming to the next level

Directors and producers from other types of industries also utilise the great range of shots and greater access that flying a film with a camera can achieve. Using a highly trained pilot, it is possible to soar over wildlife habitats, sports stadiums and large crowds to give a fuller picture of what is going on, achieving the ultimate birds eye view. This technique is popular in many wildlife documentaries as well as news and sports channels.

Saving lives

The advantages of drones is the huge flexibility they offer you. With incredible access to even the hardest to reach areas, they can help in delivering aid and disaster relief to areas struck with danger, such as wildfire and avalanche sites. A student in Australia has also experimented in using the aerial vehicles to deliver defibrillators to heart attack victims, much faster than it would take an ambulance to do so.

Engineering and industry

As well as cameras, drones have the flight load capacities to carry 3D laser scanners and infrared imaging equipment. This makes them popular with engineers and the agricultural industry, who combine these technologies to monitor crops and equipment for much greater insight.

Delivery services

In 2013, Domino’s Pizza went viral when they released a video showing their pizzas flying through the sky, being delivered to the door still piping hot. Whilst it has been suggested this was a gimmick, and the ongoing changing legislation of drone operation may not allow food delivery to happen just yet, drones do have a very real future in speedy delivery of cargo.