Weekend Modular Course at Farnborough 24-25 Oct.

Due to particular interest in a weekend Modular Drone Training Course, the team at UAVAir have decided to host a one off Modular Course in Farnborough, on the 24-25th October. Please get in touch for more information, or see below.

Price is only £995 for the two days Theory. (No VAT Payable)
The Flight Assessment is booked at a later date, and is £349 (No VAT Payable)

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Learn from the best Drone operators in the industry.

We understand that it might not always be easy to get the time off during the week, so should the above course or any of our other future courses not be convenient for you at this time, then feel free to get in touch as similar courses may be advertised in the future.

Our Instructors have many years experience.

At UAVAir our instructors have vast experience within the Drone industry, with many running their own successful Drone companies, offering services ranging from Big Screen productions to various types of Survey Work etc.

As a student you have an opportunity to learn from some of the best operators in the industry. At UAVAir we do our very best to support our students in their future careers, should they have any technical questions or be looking for advice on how best to proceed with their new businesses.

To learn more about the background of who have designed the course and the instructors we use, why not have have a look at our website "About us".

Practical and Relevant Training, preparing you for working as a professional Operator.

 Modular Course

The modular course is for anybody wishing to learn the required 2 day theoretical part initially, followed by the Practical Flight Assessment at a later date. The CAA require a minimum of two hours self-certified flight experience prior to taking the Flight Assessment. The UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) Modular Course follows the same content as the Integrated course up to the Flight Assessment. This will allow you time to put the skills learned at the course to use, when practising flying your Drone - bringing you up to the required standard for the Flight Assessment. Should you not feel confident in doing your own training, then we would be happy to arrange for one of our very experienced Drone Instructors to assist you with any one-to-one training required. Curious to learn more about which courses we are offering a UAVAir? Have a look at our website, where you can easily identify which course is right for you, by following the flow diagram on the "Which Course?" page. (Or see picture below) Which drone CourseStill not sure about a career in Unmanned Aviation? Have a look at one of our recent blog-post highlighting some of the many opportunities you may have once qualified. "A Career in Unmanned Aviation." You can also read more about the route to obtaining your approval from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to carry our Aerial work with a Drone. "How to get qualified to fly Drones commercially." Should you have any further requirements that are not met by the courses available on our website, then do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any bespoke training requirements you may have. For further information see our website or feel free to get in touch, as we would be happy to help you with any Drone Training requirements you may have.

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A Drone is also known as a UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / UAS – Unmanned Aerial System / RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System / SUAS – Small Unmanned Aircraft System.