UAVAir’s Top 5 Drone Groups to Join on Facebook in 2018

Facebook is one of the most utilised social media platforms and can be used for a variety of different things including sharing information and pictures, collaborating with peers, or simply just reading to expand your knowledge. With so much buzz on your timeline it can be hard to filter what you’re most interested in. That’s why we’ve created our Top 5 Facebook Groups for you to join in 2018 as a passionate drone operator. Let us know if you have any other go to groups. 

From a more serious discussion to questions about your platform and getting your PfCO; these pages will have you covered. 

Below is the list of our Top 5 Facebook Groups and why you should join each. Happy Facebooking!

ARPAS-UK Members

This is is limited to paying members of the UK trade association but worth every penny as there is generally a much more collaborative feel and atmosphere. There is also an emergency services spin-off group too where members can have more focussed conversations. With local member meet ups (in the real world!) and meets at the big conferences it is a good place to find partners, collaborate, hire and rent equipment off others or pass on and receive leads. 

CAA PFAW/PFCO General Discussion

The CAA PFAW/PFCO as the name suggests has been around since before the PFCO changed it's name! Good general knowledge and a great place to find about what's going on in the industry. Share your showreel, ask about the latest drone, sensor or software package. 

Approved Drone Pilots

This is somewhere between a cross of the ARPAS group and the Drone Safe Register although more of a collective rather than an association. The group is popular and has some activists who are challenging obstructive organisations who try to prevent the safe and responsible use of drones.

UAVAir Graduates

Of course this would be a complete list if we didn't mention the ongoing access we give you to our graduate peers, our instructors and the team to continually develop your professional knowledge. We often get enquiries for services too and this is where we post any opportunities. Unfortunately, this is restricted to UAVAir clients. 

Manufacturer / Model Specific 

Ok you get a few more than five recommendations, as it's useful to join a manufacturer or model specific group too where you will be able to source answers to your more technical drone questions such as firmware or settings. We've listed a few below. 

DJI Phantom Owners UK

Yuneec Owners Group

DJI Mavic Owners UK

Our mission is to help organisations put drones in the sky safely. If you think we can help you to do that please get in touch with the team