UAVAir reaffirm importance of acquiring CAA approved qualification for legal and safe flight

As an increasing number of companies are adding drones to their business operations, leading drone training providers, UAVAir is reminding anyone that plans to use UAV’s for commercial purposes the importance of acquiring a CAA approved qualification, such as the UAQ, before implementing the technology. Created by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a way to ensure safety of manned aircraft from the risk of unmanned aircraft, CAA approved training and qualifications ensure that every flight can be completed efficiently, safely, and within the legal requirements established by the organisation.

While the commercial drone industry is expanding at an exponential rate, the surrounding regulations are continuing to evolve. Holding a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) issued by the CAA is compulsory and priority should be placed on gaining this training or outsourcing a pilot with the correct qualifications before any drone is used for commercial purposes.

Ben Keene, Operations Director at UAVAir commented "The possibilities that using a drone can open up to businesses is very exciting, however we urge those that are thinking about using a UAV to ensure that it is implemented in a way that follows legal requirements and safety focussed practices. The drone industry often receives negative press, due to private persons operating this technology with very limited knowledge of aviation as skill and as an industry. Ensuring your drone pilot is properly trained not only ticks the legal boxes, but it equips you with a more knowledgeable expert who is properly prepared to deal with any circumstance that may appear on your drone based mission.”

To keep up with increasing demand, there are many courses across the UK designed to train those that wish to fly a drone. It should be noted, however, that not all of these academies are authorised to certify their candidates with a CAA approved drone qualification. Leading drone training provider, UAVAir utilises the very best instructors from both professional manned and unmanned aviation disciplines, possessing specific training skills that are gathered from their time spent in industry. With a range of courses across the UK offering fast track, bespoke flight training, and even highly specialised Search and Rescue drone training, UAVAir helps their clients leave with an industry recognised CAA approved drone qualification, ready to take to the air with confidence.