UAVAir Offers Conversion Drone Training for EuroUSC Students on BNUC-S Course


UAVAir, like many other organisations in the drone sector, was disappointed to learn that EuroUSC lost its NQE status recently. But as well as losing an institution that was integral to the early days and development of the industry, many customers are now also left lost and wondering how they can still follow their dreams to become a commercial drone pilot. At UAVAir, we have discussed a conversion scheme to help candidates who were enrolled on a BNUC-S course with EuroUSC. The best part- all proceeds will be donated to Aerobility, an organisation that gives disabled and profoundly ill children and adults the opportunity to share the magic that flying an aircraft holds.

John Gore, Operations Manager said: “It is with a heavy heart we see customers who have paid significant amounts of money to kickstart their career or business idea being in danger of losing out. It was due to attending a EuroUSC BNUC-S course that two of the founding directors of Consortiq, the parent company of UAVAir, first met each other and went on to to work on and achieve some pioneering work on great films such as London Has Fallen and Criminal.

EuroUSC opened up the UAS industry with its course, however businesses must continually innovate, adapt and most of all provide a premium and professional service to their customers if they are to survive in a competitive market. This is where Consortiq identified there was much more that could be done to enable the growth of the drone industry such as specialist industry-specific courses such as the UAQ-Media.

We would like to make it clear that we have no intention of behaving like vultures to sweep up these students. We run a successful, profitable and financially healthy business however, we would like to offer assistance to any students who are struggling to complete their qualifications with EuroUSC.

We have offered this conversion scheme because naturally, UAVAir cares, and we don’t want to see candidates who may be on to the next big thing being penalised in order to prove a point - who knows which of those customers may have been future rising stars in the drone industry.

At UAVAir we provide a premium product that is appropriately priced to deliver ultimate value to the end user so we ask that any customers who want to complete their qualification with UAVAir to ‘top-up’ the fees paid so far with EuroUSC to match those paid by other satisfied UAVAir customers. We will then donate 100% of the ‘top up fees’ to Aerobility."