UAVAir offers comprehensive post-qualification support

As the UK’s leading drone training school, we understand how important it is to ensure that the new generation of qualified drone pilots receives the very best training. We also know how vital it is that we continue to support these newly-qualified drone pilots after they’ve achieved their qualification, whether it be with legislation, operations manual support, or just general queries.

With our courses, you can get the proper commercial drone operation credentials you need in just a matter of days – but here at UAVAir, we know that the journey to becoming a confident, experienced drone pilot takes much longer. That’s why we want to emphasise our post-qualification support, which is provided to all those who take a course with us.

The content of our courses focuses largely on safety, regulations and proper procedures and we know that preparing students to cope with the intricacies of operating a drone can be difficult and we ensure this is at the forefront of every course. It’s also vital that our students finish our courses confident and with the right mindset for safe and efficient drone operations. We ensure that if you have any questions or queries about drones and your operations beyond the course material, our expert team are on hand to provide a comprehensive answer, and we’ll help to shape the mindset which helps all our students to enjoy many safe and successful flights.

Our status as the UK’s leading provider of drone training means that we are responsible for ensuring the safety of a large portion of the commercial drone industry. This is something we take very seriously. We train hundreds of new drone operators every year, and the consistent support that we provide after they’ve received their licenses and credentials means we are always reinforcing the safety of drones in every mission.

When a candidate completes their Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) course with us, they have our full support if they then choose to go on and complete an Operations Manual. If not, we still continue to support all candidates with our helpful UAVAir graduates Facebook group, and free telephone support. Candidates can chat on the group, or get in touch with us anytime to ask us questions and keep up to date with the latest regulation and industry changes.

We believe that our efforts to continue to support the UK’s new UAV pilots keeps many of our students coming back for extra training. We’ve seen many students through basic training, all the way up to receiving their PfCO, going from total beginners to professional operators very quickly and our post course support efforts is a key factor in this.

For more information about the support we provide after all of our drone courses, get in touch with the team today.