UAVAir launch Drone Training Course for Airlines

UAVAir, a leading drone training company part of the ConsortiQ group, has just announced an unmanned-to-manned conversion course allowing students to add large aircraft such as the Airbus A320 to their CAA Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW). The Airline Pilot Remote Initial Licence builds upon the existing UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) which teaches students fundamental subjects such as meteorology, principles of flight and human factors and incorporates a two hour practical assessment of flying handling skills which allows students to fly drones commercially.

Bjarne Pedersen, a founder of UAVAir and airline pilot commented “We thought it would be great to tackle the shortage of manned pilots in the airline industry by upskilling our previous students who are already revolutionising the way aerial vehicles are used. When flying the A320 we often just leave it in GPS mode and very rarely fly in ATTI so there isn’t a great deal more to learn. The main challenge is ensuring the students prevent flyaways from occurring, as the consequences could be a lot more serious.”

Ben Keene, Operations Director noted “DJI have a great app for planning pre-programmed flights and once airlines integrate that into their systems we can send everyone on their holidays with just a few swipes of the iPad. While testing out this new rating we have nearly always managed to successfully complete the flight and there was only a couple of instances where we lost communications and the Airbus returned-to-home.”

The Airline Pilot Remote Initial Licence course will concentrate on the important principles of being an airline pilot such as how to make sure everyone knows you’re a pilot, which sunglasses should I wear and ATC; Is it really just up, down, left, right, faster, slower?

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