UAVAir is now offering Drone training on the South-Coast!

UAVAir is offering Professional Drone Training throughout the UK - Our UAQ course is fully approved by the UK CAA. Once you have successfully completed the course, you can apply to the CAA for your PFAW - Permit For Aerial Work or gain employment with an exciting operator. Learn about Drones and Unmanned Aviation from Professional Drone operators and Airline pilots.
Become a Commercial Drone Pilot in just 3 consecutive days
, with our Integrated Drone Training Course.

It is our mission to offer high quality Drone Training throughout the UK and abroad. Due to high demand for our courses, we are pleased to announce a new course location near Brighton on the South Coast.

  • Plumpton Racecourse. East Sussex.

Date for the first UAQ course at this location:

  • 5th - 7th March 2016

UAVAir offer CAA Approved Drone Training, and once you have successfully completed one of our three courses, you will gain your UAQ – Unmanned Aircraft Qualification. This qualification will allow you to be employed as a professional Drone Pilot with an existing Operator, or you could even start your own business, which is something that many new pilots choose to do.

We currently offer 3 different types of courses, all depending on your personal preferences and wether you already have prior Aviation experience.

  • Integrated
  • Modular
  • Abbreviated

Learn more about our courses and which course is right for you on our Which Course? page.


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Should you already own or be part of a company, then the following blog post may offer you some insights into what is possible with Drones. How your Business can benefit from Drones.

You can read more about how to get qualified here; How to get Qualified to fly Drones Commercially.

Here is some feedback from one of our recent students after he completed the UAQ Course.

The whole course from start to finish was very very good. It was very good to have more than one instructor on my course. Everyone that was there from UAVAir had amazing knowledge of all aspects of the course, as well as the majority being pilots as well. Very professional throughout with the humour to keep the mood light as well. The venue was very good with all the tea and coffee you can drink - The food and cakes were really nice as well. I would recommend UAVAir's course to anyone that is thinking about doing it. From someone with no aviation experience I am walking away a much better and safer operator. 

Thank you guys.

John B.

Should you have any questions about what we offer or what is required, then why not check out our FAQ section, or get in touch.

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Safe Flying. UAVAir

A Drone is also known as a  UAS – Unmanned Aerial System / UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / SUAS – Small Unmanned Aircraft System / RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System /