UAVAir invites young entrepreneurs to drone training to learn proper flight techniques, aiding future industries

As the huge list of business benefits that drones can bring for many sectors continues to grow, aerial expert, UAVAir is invites young entrepreneurs to its foremost drone training academy. Drawing attention to its UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) course, it hopes to train business minded youngsters with proper drone flight techniques, aiding the development of future industries.

The leading aerial academy’s view on the importance of gaining such formal drone training is clear, offering numerous public statements reiterating the value and added safety it can bring to the wider drone community. In order to prepare the upcoming managers, product developers and engineers of tomorrow, it invites these young entrepreneurs to learn from its CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved flight instructors, forming best practice habits that can then be used to help numerous industries integrate drones successfully and safely into their operations in the future, reaping the many benefits.

John Gore, Operations Manager revealed, “Many industries such as construction, film and engineering are discovering how a drone can aid their services, yet there is a lack of unified skill set amongst those working within them. This means that it is impossible to develop the procedures, applications and even identify new business opportunities at the rate that is needed to fully integrate the technology within the business world. That is why we are urging young entrepreneurs to come along to one of our courses.

By gaining a commercial drone qualification*, you will also gain valuable experience from our expert staff, informing better method and technique. They will also leave us, possessing the skills that many future employers desire or could, in fact, even lead to their own big business venture.”

A report by research firm, Gartner estimated that the global drone market is to be worth $11.2 billion by 2020, highlighting the technology’s huge impact across the world. The UK Drone Usage Report 2016 from Drones Direct gave insight into where this revenue could be generated, listing trades such as construction, manufacturing and information and communications as being the top business sectors utilising drones.

Learn more about UAVAir's UAQ course here.

*You must be 18 or older to hold a PfCO. However, UAVAir invites anyone interested in drone training to get in touch and learn more about your options.