UAVAir explains why drone pilot courses offer more than novelty gift this Christmas

Experiences are quickly becoming a popular gift choice at Christmas time, providing the recipient with a memorable moment to treasure rather than resulting in unwanted clutter. And as drone technology continues to take off, with sales of consumer models rising year upon year, many could be considering purchasing drone qualification lessons for loved ones that partake in this hobby. UAVAir, the nation’s leading drone training academy explains why choosing this experience for any budding pilot could provide them with more than simply a fun day out, leaving them with the skills and qualifications that could open the door to a long and rewarding career.

UAVAir runs a fast-track Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved course in 10 locations across the UK, chosen by those looking to turn their pastime into a professional operation. Following on from the practical and theoretical training and assessment given by UAVAir, newly qualified pilots are armed with the UAV skills and expertise that is increasingly in demand by a wide range of businesses. In just three days, candidates can learn the necessary skills needed to be a commercial drone operator, entering a sector that is shaping the future of many industries.

Georgina Connaughton, Operations Executive at UAVAir commented, “UAVs have quickly moved on from solely military use - areas such as photography, engineering, construction and even education are realising the benefits that unmanned aircraft can bring them. However, as this still remains a relatively new technology there is a lack of qualified, skill pilots to fill these new roles that are being created. After receiving formal training and CAA approved accreditation, any competent pilot could quickly turn a hobby they enjoy into an exciting, enjoyable and sought after career.”

UAVAir is the foremost drone training academy, led by a team of experts with first-hand experience in the field that quickly differentiates the company from its competitors. Although its courses are short, taking place in just three days, candidates receive in-depth training and insight from knowledgeable instructors, as well as the industry approved qualification that allows them to apply for commercial operations legally in the UK. After the course, UAVAir candidates can apply for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), enabling pilots to launch their own drone based business or perform aerial work for an existing company.

UAVAir runs its course at locations covering all corners of the country, taking place at various dates throughout 2017. In addition to the fixed price, a pay as you go option is also available to spread the cost of this invaluable training.

This Christmas, browse the full range of locations available and give the life-changing gift that is more than just an experience at