UAVAir educates the public on drone technology at The Commercial UAV Show

As a new member of the UAVAir team, I’ve been eager to learn more about drones and the aviation world. I had a fantastic time exhibiting at The Commercial UAV Show at ExCeL London this week from 19-20 October, discovering new knowledge about the unmanned aviation world and drone technology while educating attendees on the many possibilities of UAVs.

The 3rd Annual Commercial UAV Show wrapped up yesterday after a successful week of showcasing the variations in the UAV industry from demonstrating new gadgets to applications.The show offered a comprehensive programme of talks and demonstrations to provide first-hand knowledge of the industry as well as drone technology. The UAVAir team exhibited to share our aviation experience and help educate the public on the benefits and range of opportunities that drones provide. We also got to catch up with a few candidates from our UAQ course! See the pictures below:

Candidate Jody Easkiovitch with Helen Cope and John Gore

Bryce Allcorn with candidate Leo Ference flying the drone simulator

The show was a great resource for expanding and building on industry knowledge. Each exhibitor had a unique offering. The demo zone, seminar theatres, and photography workshop provided a front row view at how dynamic each component of the industry is. This made for a more than enjoyable experience to see the diversity in the aviation industry, learn which companies have an impact on the UAV world and see how innovation is transpiring. Here are my top three highlights from the show:

1. The demo zone was located next to the UAVAir stand so I was able to see a range of drones operate. Sky Eye Innovations, a partner of Inspectahire, demonstrated their new Sky Eye Mammoth UAV. It was fantastic to see a large drone operate and learn about its capabilities such as having both a thermal and visual camera. The demos provided an opportunity to learn which UAVs are good for different tasks such as inspection or photography. Check out an awesome video of the Sky Eye Mammoth in the demo cage below:

2. It was great to learn more about drones being used for specific tasks and the seminar talks provided hands on knowledge of this using examples and case studies. Aibotix gave an interesting presentation on surveying and mapping a large and dangerous area using their in-house software as an example of how drones can make this easier by eliminating steps that would add time to the project such as measurements and marking out terrain. It was particularly great to learn about how drone technology will continue to grow and develop and how it will affect these tasks in the future by being more time and cost efficient.

3. I learned so much from being a part of an exhibition stand at the show but the most memorable piece of information was learning the differences between fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and how each one is used. We displayed an awesome hybrid UAV, from our partner Vertech Imaging, which allowed me to see the different wings and learn about its capabilities particularly for aerial mapping. See the picture of the hybrid below! I also learned about the propellers on a DJI quadcopter and why they fly in opposite directions. Seamus Kearns, a member of our team, taught me that each set of propellers controls the aircraft to fly in specific directions based on the instructions of the pilot. It was a pleasure to learn fun facts about different drones!

The Observer from Vertech Imaging

The show was a great opportunity to expand on industry knowledge while helping UAVAir educate the attendees on the endless possibilities of drones. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for UAVs and this fast growing technology.