UAVAir confirms DJI Mavic Pro acceptable for sub 7kg PfCO

Global drone manufacturer, DJI released its much-anticipated Mavic Pro drone model to the market in October. With its compact design, user-friendly features and relatively low cost, the new piece of technology has been welcomed by the industry. UAVAir, a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone training school, has brought clarification to the subject that has gripped many prospective owners of DJI’s newest state-of-the-art technology.

An area of concern from potential operators regarding this type of drone is the fact that there is no manual ability to pilot the aircraft in non-GPS mode. UAVAir can confirm that the DJI Mavic Pro will be a suitable drone for candidates to use in order to pass a UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) assessment and apply for a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation). A revised and extended flight assessment has been created to confidently assess the standards of pilots operating this technology.

John Gore, Operations Manager at UAVAir said, “DJI are innovators in drone technology and the Mavic Pro is certainly impressive in terms of its usability, portability and aesthetic design. This ground breaking drone has great potential for operators and we are pleased to confirm that this new model from DJI can be used for our comprehensive flight assessment.”

UAVAir, the leading commercial drone training provider is led by aviation experts with unparalleled knowledge of the sector. It welcomes any more questions that UAV pilots may have about this matter and invites them to contact them via its website.

The trusted drone training provider takes its recognised UAQ course to locations across the UK, with an extensive schedule of dates planned for 2017 covering all corners of the country. Following on from this latest announcement, UAVAir welcomes prospective owners of the Mavic Pro and other drones without a “non-GPS mode” to its professional UAV course. Get in touch and learn more about the training courses from UAVAir at: