UAV Tips – How to prepare for your UAQ course

If you’re serious about turning your UAV pastime into a full time profession, then you’ll need to take our UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) course. This will allow you to apply for your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) and to enter the world of commercial aviation. Our course and the capabilities you gain while on it are recognised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as well as OfQual, giving you the credentials you need to quickly secure those exciting professional projects!

We deliver our substantial theory training agenda over the course of just two days or three days depending if you’re taking your flight assessment. In order to ensure candidates get the most out of their time with us, prior preparation is essential.

‘Revise’ for two weeks beforehand
So that you can hit the ground (or air) running, we recommend getting to grips with the course via a series of learning tools at least two weeks before your training begins.

We give all prospective students a Course Study Manual which makes excellent pre-training reading, as well as offering online based distance learning facilities with videos and mock exams to introduce you to the theories and techniques you will be covering with us. These exams are to assess your retention of knowledge.

Log two hours of flight time within three months of your course date
This is essential if you wish to take your Flight Assessment on the third day of your UAQ course. We provide logbooks for you to do this, or other relevant pilot log sheets such as that on the DJI app are accepted. We require two hours of logged flight time; however, to succeed on your Flight Assessment we expect you to have gained sufficient flying experience. Check out our Flight Assessments tips here for more information.

Download SkyDemonLight – flight planning software
This is the free software we use for the flight planning exam. Once downloaded this will also aid all future flight plans in your career, so it is a great long-term investment. Be sure to have the latest Microsoft Silverlight downloaded on your computer to access the software! This will work on both MACs and PCs.

Bring a laptop or tablet
As well as your photo ID. You will need a computer or tablet to take notes, to use the recommended software and to be involved in all of the modules on the course.

Get involved online!
We have created a private Facebook group for our UAQ students. We invite you to join the group and encourage you to interact with the other students and of course, the instructors! Don’t hesitate to ask questions prior to your training date – a tutor will answer any queries within a short time period, to help you prepare and feel confident when we see you. Once you graduate, we continue to offer ongoing support in order to help you navigate the commercial UAV sector successfully, and to become the best pilot you can be!

If you’ve enrolled onto our UAQ course and have any questions, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team online.

If you haven’t enrolled – why not? Learn more about how to kick-start your new career in commercial aviation online today!