Top Tips From a UAVAir Drone Course Graduate

Paul Harmer, a London based photographer, recently took one of our UAV drone courses to expand his business. He saw the potential in drones to better capture his work, which includes people, cars, and buildings. Paul turned to UAVAir to learn about the big picture for operating a drone and ultimately, becoming certified to fly. After completing the course, Paul shared with us a video guide he put together to educate future students with tips and recommendations.

Watch the full video below...

The video guide is designed to help simplify and understand the process of registering and completing a UAV course with us. Paul talks about the course material, specifically, the course manual and how useful this material is despite the exam being open book. He then emphasises on knowing the ‘Top Tips’ in the manual as these appear most frequently on the exam. In addition to the course manual, Paul provides a unique insight on the handbook, which includes completing essential forms. Paul’s recommendation for this part of the course is becoming familiar with a few tools prior. is an online flight planning tool that Paul found useful when filling out his flight planning documents in regards to aviation, air space, and danger areas. Also, Google maps is a useful tool Paul recommends to measure specific distance, such as where the nearest house is to your flight. Paul urges that both of these tools are extremely beneficial to the site assessment portion of the course. Paul’s next useful recommendation to future students is to practice flying without the drone’s GPS as the test requires attitude mode and getting in as much practice as possible before the assessment. However, Paul’s most important recommendation is to be confident and detailed when presenting the site assessment form.

Paul’s video guide provides specific insight from a student's point of view to prepare for a UAVAir drone course, which we hope will help future prospects and students. UAVAir extends a huge thanks to Paul for the great video! We wish him the best of luck in his photography business and hope to see some of his drone work soon.