Top 5 Industries To Enter With Your PfCO

The amazing capabilities of drones have transformed a number of industries since they become more widely available – and now there are dozens of sectors experimenting and exploring the potential of UAVs in a range of different applications. If you’ve worked hard and obtained a commercial drone license, there are a multitude of industries that you could work in, using your newly-acquired skills to help save lives, create dramatic video footage or conduct vital surveys. Let’s take a look at the top five industries you could enter today with your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

From dramatic car-chase footage on the news to amazing sweeping shots of battle scenes in Hollywood blockbusters, the media and film industries are using drones in a range of exciting new ways. Drones are far agiler than helicopters or other complicated camera rigs, which take a long time to set, and are not as responsive. Essentially, drones are changing the way the media industry gets those ‘money’ shots while also driving down costs.

Emergency Services
What better way to use your PfCO than by saving lives alongside the emergency services? The high mobility of drones, combined with their ability to hold laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras and more, means the emergency services are able to survey disaster sites and other dangerous terrains quickly, helping them to develop a more effective plan of action in emergency situations. UAVs can also be used to deliver supplies to stranded individuals that can’t currently be reached, as well as giving them the ability to communicate with rescue groups.

Oil & Gas
Oil companies were actually the first commercial operations to have drone usage approved in the US, and hundreds more are now following suit. The drones are used to inspect potentially volatile areas; areas that might be dangerous for employees to venture into. Offshore facilities, pipelines, gas plants and other facilities can be inspected in detail from a distance, gathering essential information without putting human lives at risk.

Construction & Surveying
Similar to the oil & gas industry, construction companies are largely using drones to help with complex surveys. The previously time-consuming task of mapping out a construction site, for example, is made far easier with the use of a UAV – for many companies, hiring a helicopter or a small plane used to be the only course of action they could take. As a drone operator, you may also be asked to monitor sites from the sky, to enhance safe operations for all those working there.

From monitoring the welfare of their animals to applying pesticides and fertilisers to crops from the sky, there are many uses for drones in the agriculture industry. Being able to find crop damage before it spreads is an enormous bonus for many farmers, and lost animals can be tracked down far more effectively from the sky than they could on the ground. As a commercial drone operator, you’re likely to find plenty of work in agriculture as the industry comes to accept UAVs as the norm.

If you’re interested in using drones for commercial purposes and getting your PfCO, get in touch today to see how UAVAir can help you.