Tips for a foolproof UAV business plan

UAVs can help businesses achieve many objectives that were previously unattainable and as they are such a new technology there is now a great opportunity for many budding pilots out there to break into this niche and lucrative market. Whether you are looking to add to your existing business offering, or you want to ‘go freelance’ and start up your own company, leveraging your existing skills and professional knowledge by using a UAV, you will need a solid plan for your UAV business.

At UAVAir, we play a part in helping many organisations and individuals embark on new business beginnings by using a drone, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to do well! If you’re thinking of starting up a UAV based business, here are some tips to help you form a foolproof plan:

Learn to fly
If you are expressing an interest in starting up a drone based company then you probably have some experience in flying a drone. Flying a small aircraft in an open field on a weekend is very different to performing Commercial Operations for paying clients, and a much higher level of training is required. Not only do you need to learn the solid, technical skills needed to fly a drone confidently, air theory and industry knowledge is required to help you become a pilot that others will trust. Choose your drone training academy wisely, looking for those that use instructors with strong aviation knowledge, gained from real, practical experience. These schools will offer invaluable tips and useful information needed to kick start a successful career as a drone pilot.

Get certified
Knowing how to fly is a great start, but in order to comply with legal regulations you need to make sure that you choose a CAA approved NQE drone training course. With this accreditation you are showing authorities and future clients that you have a sound understanding of Aviation Theory, you have compiled a CAA Approved Operations Manual that you comply to every flight and that you have passed a flight test successfully. Without this accreditation you will not be able to legally fly an unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, which will not be attractive for your future clients.

Choose your equipment

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to forming a great UAV business. Think about why it is you are starting your company, which companies will you be targeting and what you can do to help them. There are many different applications for a drone ranging from photography to engineering surveying, with each of these requiring different, highly specialised equipment and sensors to gather the specific data. Do thorough research to find the right equipment that will help you complete your tasks successfully, as well as the ones that use a setup and control system that you find easy to use.

Sell yourself!
Once you know exactly what you can offer and you are confident that you have a great service to provide you need to start to build your client base. Target the companies that you think you can help with your new, UAV based business solution and start a conversation. Let them know what you do and the benefits that can be achieved by using your service. Make yourself visible online with a clear social media presence and create a great website to direct your future clients to. Once you have businesses interested in what you can offer, be prepared to visit lots of companies across the country to perform a demo, showing them exactly how you and your drone can help them achieve their business goals.

Are you looking to start a UAV company? UAVAir offers CAA approved drone training and consultancy to help with this. Get in touch today to take the first steps towards building your drone based business!