New Operations Manual Template from UAVAir

Writing an Operations Manual is a difficult and daunting task. The technical knowledge required makes it complex, and the attention to detail time-consuming. For many candidates, it is the most frustrating part of their training. However, UAVAir is pleased to announce that its Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) course now includes an all-new Operations Manual template. This resource has already made a huge difference to those who are using it. It has dramatically simplified the process, and made what used to be a difficult task an easy one. Future candidates are now guaranteed to achieve their Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) sooner. Here are some of the reasons the new template is so useful:

Fill in the blanks format

Many applicants for a PfCO will never have written a document of this nature before. As a result, some struggle to achieve the appropriate layout, content and wording. The beauty of UAVAir’s template is that students fill in pre-formatted sections with their own details. The result is a completed manual that is effectively written by the applicant. Those who have begun to use the new template have spent far less time working on their first draft, and made fewer mistakes in the process.

Technical requirements are clearly explained

Writing clearly about technical processes is hard. However, a good operations manual must do this. For example, safety procedures have to be laid out in such a way that a new pilot can understand them. One of the strengths of the template is that it includes easy-to-understand explanations of processes, and allows the user to customise them to their own operation. As a result, candidates are not required to do as much research before writing their manual. The result is a better document in less time.

Compliant with plagiarising guidelines

Plagiarising another company’s operations manual puts you at great risk of having your application for a PfCO rejected.  Submissions must contain significant input from the applicant and UAVAir will not recommend an individual to the CAA if we suspect the manual has been plagiarised, or the candidate has used a third party writing service for the production of their manual.  The UAVAir template and review process is fully included in the UAQ course. UAVAir is a CAA approved NQE and they are able to recommend candidates who have demonstrated the required level of competency to the CAA for the application for a PfCO. The Operations Manual process is therefore as simple as possible for the candidate, whilst still resulting in a legally compliant document.

Candidates can customise to their operation

No two operations are the same and manuals can differ significantly in length, content and detail. However, the template is designed so that it can be fitted to any company’s requirements. For example, an organisation operating after sundown must include night procedures. The training offered by UAVAir enables operators to develop an operations manual that will support any type of operation.

UAVAir is continuing to make significant improvements to its premium-quality courses. The success of its new Operations Manual template proves that it is still setting industry-leading standards, and providing the best training in the UK.

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