Why investing in a qualification is essential for becoming a better drone operator

Now, as the wider world is familiar with drones, opinion on them is somewhat divided. Many are excited by the technology, in awe of the many incredible things they can achieve and the exciting career or business opportunities they bring. But others are wary, fearful and disapproving of drones. If you fall into the first bunch and are sure you want to fly drones for a career, investing in a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved qualification is essential for becoming a better drone operator, as well as helping to drive the industry forward.

Gaps in knowledge
If you love drones, it may be hard to understand the opposition against the technology. However, with news stories continuously featuring cases of dangerous drone collisions and other hazardous instances, this is not surprising. Although widely acknowledged, the drone sector is still new and is currently undergoing an upheaval process of the regulations that surround it. As such, many people are operating drones without an understanding of, or without respecting, the guidelines for safe, responsible flight.

Even with many hours of practice physically flying a drone, it is more difficult to learn how to properly perform essential pre-flight, post-flight and emergency checks. You are unable to gain valuable experience and technique other than that you are teaching yourself. Laws may be unclear and actually planning a mission can be unmanageable. This is why gaining a CAA approved qualification is essential.

More than just a certificate
Beyond simply earning a certificate, these courses have been designed to enlist candidates with the critical skills and theoretical understanding they need to use their drone to the best of their ability. With courses taught by seasoned instructors, the insight gained is unrivalled and can be used to help each pilot successfully navigate through a multitude of challenges. Ultimately, due to its formal course format, candidates are taught practical skills such as performing safety checks and becoming familiar with emergency procedure, as well developing an Operations Manual – crucial to entering the commercial drone market.

Competitive edge
As a professional drone pilot, it is imperative that you can enlist confidence in your clients - some may fall into the ‘fearful’ category mentioned earlier, even if they do understand the benefits they can bring. With an industry recognised qualification, these clients can trust that you will keep them, their colleagues and their company both safe and compliant using the practical skill and theoretical knowledge that has been demonstrated when awarded it. This trust gives you and your business a competitive edge that is impossible to gain elsewhere.

If you want to become a better drone operator or operate drones for commercial purposes, get in touch today and learn more about our Professional UAQ Course.