Introducing Paul Marshall with UAVAir

Hi everyone,

My name is Paul Marshall and I am on the operations team at UAVAir as an Operation Executive. I provide general support to the sales team and focus on project management. I grew up in Worthing, England and currently reside in Colchester, Essex. Before joining UAVAir I spent ten years in the military, specifically the artillery unit with the airborne gunners. There, I was given the opportunity to complete P-Company, which enabled me to complete the military parachuting course. I also completed two operational tours in Afghanistan. During my time in the military, I traveled to four different continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. My most memorable trip was to Kenya where I climbed Mount Kenya. Achieving this climb sparked my interest in long-haul hikes and I hope to climb Mount Everest one day. I spend most of my free time being adventurous in different outdoor activities such as hiking, skydiving, and parachuting. I competed on the military sky diving team for three years. I also enjoy keeping in shape with CrossFit and taking my girlfriend out to different restaurants. We’re hoping to buy a house within the next year, which will be an exciting new chapter in my life.

My interest in skydiving led me to UAVAir as I met Paul Rigby, CEO during a skydiving trip. Seeing how drones are used in the military gave me an interest to work in the industry. In addition, my attention to detail allows me to provide structure to the processes within the company. I see myself growing with UAVAir, specifically internationally and in five years working in the Middle East where I hope to continue with project management or take on a new role in security.