Introducing Georgina Connaughton

Hello everyone!

I am Georgina and I have just began the role of Trainee Operations Manager at UAVAir. I recently completed my Bachelor’s of Art Joint Honors degree in English and American studies and I am officially graduating in July. I’m originally from Greater London and moved to Portsmouth for University. Outside of work, my hobbies include dance fitness. I participate in swing jive social dances and like to drive in a classic car club. In the last few years, we have toured Northern Spain, Portugal and Ireland. My ultimate travel destinations are Vietnam and India. A few fun facts about me are that I love marmite but hate coriander. I also prefer drinking Pepsi to Coke and hope to get a puppy soon!

I enjoy learning new things and the drone industry is completely new to me. Therefore, I am excited about learning a new industry and every day I am challenging myself at UAVAir. I believe I will benefit from the team dynamics within the company as I have been able to make suggestions and input my ideas from my first day working here. I am loving the potential I have within my role and the international aspect that is entailed. I hope that in five years I am still progressing within the company internationally. I hope to contribute to the company’s international expansion and create a well-known brand for the UAV industry.