How your business can benefit from Drones

Drones or UAV’s are seeing increasing traction in a variety of different industries including Building, Surveying, Photography, Security, Emergency Services and Media.

Despite being around for over five years now this new exciting technology is very much in its early stage when it comes to use-cases, and therefore we’ll more than likely see more and more new applications for drones. It is expected that drones will become a great tool for businesses to increase efficiency and perhaps more importantly, offer a way to reduce overall cost.

The Media industry was one of the first industries to benefit from Drones.

Drones suddenly gave everyone the opportunity get amazing aerial footage at a fraction of the cost, compared to the time where you had to utilise manned aircrafts such as helicopters or light aeroplanes. News broadcasters, Hollywood Production Companies and National Broadcasters have all established or used drones teams to great effect. 

We now see small companies such as estate agents, wedding photographers offering unique photos and video from above, but also large film and advertisement companies now really see the potential, as it offers an incredible flexible and cost effective way to shoot amazing footage and increase production value.

The building/construction and surveying industries are equally benefiting from this new technology.

To give an example, simple inspections jobs of buildings and structures is now easily done by flying a Drone, identifying areas in need of repair. Traditionally you had to get a person to inspect every part of the structure by using a cherrypicker or scaffolding. Particular areas where it is hard to get to by foot, such as roofs, bridges, wind farms etc. is now far easier to reach using Drones.

Pipelines, power lines and even railways are also being inspected by Drones, as the job can be done far quicker than before.

Many construction companies now use Drones to establish 3D models of building sites, which can be used both in the design phase, but it also offers great promotional material to potential investors and clients.

Drones combined with clever software, now offers construction businesses and opportunity to accurately map out the construction site, collecting data for excavation, levelling and many other useful data.

A drone can easily fly over a large area and measure it perfectly. The resulting 3D models or polygonal models are incredible accurate.

Another industry that could benefit from drones soon is Agriculture

Drones can now quickly scan large areas of crops or even woodland, mapping out the health and condition of the crops or vegetation, enabling for example the farmer to identify where fertiliser should be increased or reduced as the case may be. This data can then be loaded directly into the GPS system on the tractor to spread the fertiliser accordingly.

Or imagine the winemaker, who needs to inspect his or her grapes on a hilly mountain-side.. Well this can now be done by quickly flying a Drone over the area. However, we believe there is a lot more work to be done in this area in order to truly unlock the value which will happen when can undertake routine beyond line of sight operations at scale. 

Emergency services whether it being police, the fire brigade or search and rescue, all now see the drone as an excellent tool.

Police can now replace expensive helicopters with drones, as they offer a great way to monitor large crowds, and it is could be just a matter of time before drones will feature in more tactical responses like pursuits etc. The video below was posted by Devon and Cornwall Drone team at a recent crowd monitoring operation. 

The Fire brigade can now easily monitor large areas such as recent wildfires we saw in the UK and also during the trgic Grenfell incident. During incidents the drone will transmit high-definition and infra-red images and footage to help those in charge make decisions quickly. Search and Rescue workers can now utilise the drone as first response in both getting to people in need for a defibrillator or to scan large areas to locate a missing person etc.