Future Predictions For The Drone Industry

2015 saw the global drone industry move at an incredible rate, with developments such as drone delivery pilot schemes being tested by a medical company to delivery packages to remote areas. 2016 looks set to be full of more exciting developments.

The law surrounding the use of drones is still not fully developed. More software and hardware has hit the market and most importantly new uses for this technology have been in development. With all these changes last year it leaves some wondering how on earth this industry can develop further. It can, and we’re going to show you how we think it will…

Price Reductions
2016 will be the year when UAV prices fall dramatically. Drone experts DJI have already started this trend when they recently released the Phantom 3. This powerful drone has 4K video camera at 30fps recording capability and the professional model costs under £1000. Considering the cost of just a standalone 4K video camera, this is truly remarkable and looks set to pave the way for cheaper drone prices.

This is a way drone manufacturers can further differentiate themselves through integration with other technology. Last year saw a massive acceptance of virtual reality, with the Oculus Rift leading the way and most other electronics manufacturers following suit. Now Parrot’s Bebop Drone has the ability to synch with an Oculus Rift and users can view in first person their drones flight. As more VR headsets hit the market more drone manufacturers will make them compatible.

Industry Impact
Drones were used for more jobs than ever before in 2015. This year will be no different and the lower costs will only help uptake. We will see more and more drones used in agriculture, insurance, security and energy. We think this is very exciting too as in turn, it will increase the amount of drone enthusiasts taking the next step to learn to fly commercially too. Demand for drone pilots will only rise as more industries realise how they are a cost effective solution to many different problems.

Europe Leading The Way
Despite the US military being the earliest adopters of drone technology, the United States and the rest of the world will be following the way Europe has integrated this industry. The role of the Civil Aviation Authority will be further copied around the world because of the great work it has done in encouraging the growth of this industry. This means that more companies around the world will look to the UK as a leader in UAV usage and regulation.

These are some of the key changes that we will experience in the UAV market over the next year. Do you agree with all of these? Let us know on our social media sites. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+