First drone decisions- buying vs building

If you are just venturing into the world of UAVs, one of the first questions you might be asking yourself is whether to purchase a ready to fly option or to self-build your drone. Both routes have their advantages and disadvantages and there is no right or wrong choice, it merely comes down to how much time and money you wish to invest.

Do It Yourself (DIY) drones are a great option if you’re looking to sink your teeth into a project and you enjoy building new things. You’ll also have a much better understanding of how your UAV fits together, how each component works with the other and potentially how to fix it if it becomes damaged, which could save you money on repairs in the future.

Choosing to build your UAV means that you can create it to your own exact specifications and requirements, meaning the end product will perform exactly as you want it to. Also, it can often be cheaper to build your own than to buy a ready to fly one.

Of course, you will need at least some knowledge when it comes to working on such a project and you won’t be able to start flying it until it’s finished, which could take a while depending on how experienced you are, how much time you have and the specifications you are working to.

Ready to fly drones have the advantage when it comes to convenience- just take it out the box and you’re ready to go! You won’t need to fiddle with wires or spend time tinkering. If this is your first ever experience with UAVs, this might be the better choice if you don’t necessarily have the know-how to create one from scratch.

There are so many makes and models on the market that you are sure to find one that suits your needs without putting one together yourself. However, if your requirements are very specific then you will need to spend more money on the drone itself and any modification you make to the vehicle may void and warranty or insurance you might have.

A ready-made option will generally have the aesthetic edge over a DIY version. Also, more often than not it will have a manufacturer guarantee so if anything does go wrong, you have some help as long as you’re in the warranty period and the problem wasn’t caused by misuse.

If you’re still unsure about which route to go down, get in touch to find out more from one of our experienced drone professionals at UAVAir!