How to find clients for your drone based business

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to take your past-time to the next level or if you saw a need in your area of expertise for services using a drone, you may have decided to start your own drone based business. However, after completing your Unmanned Aerial Qualification (UAQ) course with us here at UAVAir and applying for your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) you are only halfway towards your final goal.

No business is complete without having clients to serve – here are our tips on how to find them.

Know who you are serving
The key to having a successful business is to showcase your expertise, so understand who your customer is before you try and get them on board. If you know you can fly a drone but are offering to do all kinds of aerial tasks ranging from photography to engineering, it will be hard to target such a wide audience, and anyone looking for an expert in a particular field will head elsewhere. If you previously worked in pest control, for example, use this to form the basis of your business and target only the customers who will be interested in this.

Be clear how you can help
Once you understand whom you are targeting, refine your business offering by identifying their common problems and main points. With this knowledge you can create products and solutions that solve these difficulties exactly, making you seem irresistible to future clients.

Be proactive and meet these customers
Armed with a solid understanding of why you and your new drone based business can solve problems for a select group of customers, be proactive and arrange meetings with the decision makers in their company. Prior to this, putting simple branding efforts in place such as designing a logo, social media presence and a website can help boost your professional appearance when making those first e-mail introductions.

Create case studies with voluntary projects
When just starting out it can be difficult to get new clients on board when they have no examples of your past work to consider. In the early stages, volunteering to perform tasks for clients at a reduced rate or even for free can give you the case studies and results you need to give confidence to new, potential customers.

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