Why Are Drones Considered To Be A New Form Of Aviation

8Rather than simply being an extension of old toys as some suggest, drones are a revolutionary technology. In fact, they are so much more than traditional remote controlled toys that they should be taken seriously as an entirely new form of aviation.

There are a number of reasons that these unmanned aerial vehicles can be considered as highly distinctive from the traditional remote controlled helicopters of yester year. In the US one of the distinctions is the need for registration. Any UAV weighing over 250g (the average weight of many drones on the market) must be officially registered before usage.  This shows that in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Authority there is a clear distinction between drones and RC toys. However, the main differences between the two come down to features, but which functions make a UAV more than a toy?

We don’t always consider plastic as a state of the art material but in this case it is a clear distinction. Many of the older RC aircraft were built out of polystyrene and similar breakable materials. UAV’s on other hand tend to be sturdier as they are built out of plastic, carbon fibre or metal. This also has an effect on flight as the RC models tend to be more liable to being blown off course, often having erratic and uncontrollable flight paths.

It is difficult but not impossible to find an RC with an on-board camera yet it is almost impossible to find a UAV without one. This is not the only usage difference either. Industry are now producing commercial UAV’s that fulfil meaningful jobs in agriculture, delivery, security, military and more and more fields. This practical application is a clear distinction that demonstrates why drones are so much more than a cheap toy.

Not all UAVs feature this functionality but many now do. An operator can now programme specific flight paths in order to fulfil whichever function is necessary. This is something that conventional RC aircraft cannot do, as they require an operator to always be in a physical control. The self-steadying features on drones also make them much more user friendly. These advances in technology makes UAVs a better option for flying into dangerous areas.

Whilst UAV’s and RC aircraft clearly have a lot of similarities, drones are distinguishable from RC toys because of the specialised ways they can be controlled. An RC aircraft also does not come close to matching the advanced features that a drone is capable of, making it a useful tool rather than an entertaining toy.

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