Why drone training is smart career move for photographers and videographers

For anyone with a creative eye or natural knack for technology, perusing careers such as photography and videography can be a natural step. But once the initial training in industrial cameras, recording and editing equipment has been done, it may seem like there is no more to learn to advance in the career. UAVAir, the UK’s foremost drone training academy explains why investing in drone training is a smart move for anyone in this field looking to progress professionally.

John Gore, Operations Manager at UAVAir revealed, “Ever since drones have become widely used and more affordable, the photography industry has been quick to take it up, relishing in the improved shots that can be captured thanks to these versatile aerial vehicles. Blockbusters such as London Has Fallen and Criminal all used drones to create their breath-taking scenes, while the call for photographs captured with a drones-eye-view is always increasing.”

The demand for such skills also became apparent in a recent study by Allied Market Research. It estimated that by 2022 aerial imaging would be a $2.8 billion industry worldwide, giving insight into the growing value that learning such skills can add to any photographer or videographer.

John Gore, Operations Manager at UAVAir continued, “If you’re working in the imaging industry, investing in drone training means you are investing in your future, safeguarding your career and opening the door to many new opportunities. At UAVAir we help each of our candidates to leverage existing expertise using new drone skills and qualifications, and photography is the perfect application that can be boosted with this technology.”

UAVAir is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone training provider, priding itself on its high quality offering to those who enrol on its course. With modules designed and led by experts in manned and unmanned aviation, each holding experience in a wide range of industries, all candidates leave its drone training armed with the thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to enter the commercial drone market successfully.

UAVAir runs drone training courses across the UK. View the full list of locations here