Why you should choose your Drone Training Academy Wisely

So you have decided you want a change of path, and are about to embark upon a career in flying drones – great news! Have you thought about where you are going to go to gain the qualifications needed in order to enter this workplace? It's important to do your research before choosing a drone training academy.

Ever since the word ‘UAV’ has entered mainstream consciousness and businesses have started to use this technology commercially, the need for trained pilots in command has grown substantially. To cope with this growth, hundreds of drone pilot schools have now cropped up throughout the nation, offering training and certification programmes to get each potential UAV pilot cleared by the FAA, ready for commercial flight. With lots of courses to choose from however, any one who is serious about forming a long and successful career flying unmanned aerial vehicles should choose their academy carefully.

Fly the right side of the law
As the use of commercial drones has accelerated, the law is gradually catching up, with regulations and rules for the industry changing day by day. Any company would much rather hire a pilot who is knowledgeable in the latest legal updates, rather than one who simply only knows how to fly. By possessing this knowledge, businesses are sure that you can carry out your job without breaching any compliance, so as not to concur any fines or to result in any complaints. To increase your chances of employability, make sure that your drone pilot school can equip you with the right information.

Real-world training
A basic simulation programme may be able to cover the basics of flight, but will it prepare you for if the worst was to happen? Flying a drone for commercial purposes is naturally an unpredictable job, with inconsistent flight conditions and lots of variables that could take any job from good to bad in a moments notice – a good quality academy will better prepare you for coping with these real-world situations using knowledge from skilled staff with years of flying experience.

Niche Knowledge
With the industry still in its youth, finding an academy that can leave you with a solid understanding of UAV technology and the wider world surrounding it can help make you stand out in a sea of inexperienced pilots. Do your research and settle for nothing less than a course that is led by professionals within the UAV sector.

At UAVAir drone training academy, we pride ourselves on our professional training for UAV pilots. With a combined decade of experience in military, engineering and aerial drone filming, we use our varied knowledge from a range of industries to equip each candidate with the perfect training for them.