What are my career options as a commercial UAV pilot?

Whether you’re an existing manned aircraft pilot or are just an enthusiastic hobbyist, the commercial drone industry can be a very appealing job opportunity for many people. In fact, over 2,000 UK operators have used a drone. And with Unmanned Aircraft Qualification courses springing up across the country, such as ours at UAVAir, it is easier than ever to receive the training and CAA approved accreditation to allow you to safely and legally operate a drone for a wide range of commercial purposes. If you want to be the next name on the growing list of commercial drone pilots in the UK, here are just some of the ways that you can apply your new, professional aviation skills…

Start a business
Once you have gained your UAQ there are various types of employment available to you, depending on your professional preferences. Setting up a drone-based business is very appealing to some pilots, using their specialist skills in certain areas and leveraging them with drone technology. Using your expertise there is an opportunity to apply your existing knowledge, whether that be in photography, engineering or pest control, combining it with aviation technology to provide an innovative service offering.

Join an agency
Joining an agency is a popular choice for pilots that want a varied career. Due to the growing demand for services using a drone, but with the pool of qualified pilots still remaining relatively small, drone agencies can give businesses the expertise that they need in an instant. Some agencies may specialise in commercial drone work for particular industries, but many will be looking to recruit drone pilots with a broad skillset in order to cater to a variety of clients.

‘In-house’ pilot
If you have worked within the same company for years, or enjoy a more permanent job position, many businesses are looking to employ ‘in-house’ drone pilots to help them extend their services in line with modern market demands. For example, many members of Emergency Services teams are now training as drone pilots so that they can help their departments to utilise the benefits that using a drone can bring them. Other industries that may be looking to recruit an in-house pilot include, but are not limited to, construction, engineering, and agriculture.

If you’re interesting in embarking on a new and exciting career path, enrol on one of our UAQ drone training courses today!