CAA Approved Drone Training

Whether you are new to drone piloting or have been operating one of these fantastic aircrafts for a while, you will more than likely have come across the term ‘CAA approved’ before. Even when browsing on our website at this term is used, giving information about our ‘CAA approved drone course’. The reason why these three letters are often seen in any piece of text or information that talks about the UAV trade, is because they represent a central point to the industry. Knowing what these letters are, and adhering to the rules that these letters have put in place can make or break your career as a commercial UAV pilot!

So what is CAA?
CAA stands for the (UK) Civil Aviation Authority. They are the UK’s specialist aviation regulator that work hard to make sure that the aviation industry remains safe, keeping customers protected when they fly, and making sure that risks within the industry are managed efficiently.

What is their role in the drone industry?
The CAA keeps drone aviation safe by providing the general public with best practice advice when operating a drone to reduce risk to the public and other aviation. If a drone is being used for commercial purposes, they ask that the operator is issued a ‘Drone License’ before undergoing any job. Similar to the DVLA and the standards set for a driving licence, the CAA has established a specific set of criteria to pass in order to obtain this licence, which ensures that every operator possesses certain skills and knowledge needed to operate a drone safely, effectively, and responsibly.

Why should I choose a CAA approved course?
If you are wanting to start a career flying drones for commercial purposes, then you need to choose a drone training academy that offers drone courses which are CAA approved. A CAA approved drone course will ensure that you receive the best industry standard training available to you, as acknowledged by the UK’s aviation regulators. It will provide you with practical flying skills as well as teaching you essential information required to prepare you for a successful career as a drone pilot. After completing the course, you will be issued a CAA approved drone license, which will allow you to show future clients and employers that you follow the industry standards and best practices of drone flying including safety and efficiency.

Do you want to prepare yourself for your new career as a commercial drone pilot in the best possible way? Get in touch, we will be happy to enrol you in one of our CAA approved drone courses right away! If you have any further questions give us a call on +44 (0)208 0450 508.