CAA Announce Changes to Air Navigation Order (2016) - March 2019

Becoming a commercial drone operator can be a challenging task and that is, of course, why it is our commitment to ensuring we provide all of our candidates, past & present, with the very latest information from the industry. 

From time-to-time, the Air Navigation Order (ANO) is amended to ensure that the ongoing safety of the public, drone pilots and other airspace users is maintained, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible as a commercial drone operator. 

Just a few weeks ago, in response to a Department for Transport public consultation and expedited as a result of the incident at London Gatwick, some significant changes are being introduced to the 'Flight Restriction Zones' that were introduced in August 2018. 

There are a number of other important changes you should be aware of.

We have created an 'Air Navigation Order Supplementary', that compliments all of our course material and, in particular, the Course Study Manual. You can download this supplementary notice by clicking on the image below.

What do you need to do:

This will depend on whether you are a current candidate or you have an existing PfCO. We have summarised some of the points below, but please read and digest the supplement, as ultimately you will be responsible for ensuring you operate your drone safely and in compliance with the ANO.

Candidates who have booked, but haven't yet taken a course:

  • Your Course Study Manual (CSM) will reference the ANO 2016 as amended in 2018 - this is now out of date for the relevant articles.
  • The information in the Supplementary document will override the CSM content.
  • Your exam will comply with the new ANO amendment.

If you have taken a course and not yet passed a theory exam:

  • You will retake our refreshed exam paper which is assessed against the new ANO amendment.
  • You will need to ensure you study the supplement as the new exam features questions relevant to this amendment.
  • NOTE - The questions banks on the online learning portal have not yet been updated so may reference out of date regulations. We're working hard to update all of our materials in a priority order and hope to have this resolved quickly.

If you have already had your Operations Manual assessed by us and we have issued a Full Category NQE Recommendation, but you have yet to apply for your Permission:

  • The CAA have been clear that Full Category NQE Recommendations are unaffected by the amendment. This means that you will not need to resubmit you Operations Manual to us prior to application to the CAA, however:
  • You will be responsible for ensuring your OM is updated to reflect the new Amendment.
  • The CAA will reject any applications that reference out of date regulations.
  • Our Ops Manual guidance and template in the online learning platform has been updated. You can download this and extract the sections that require updating prior to submission.
  • NOTE - The CAA have introduced a new scheme of charges that could mean you are charged even if your application is rejected.

If you are an existing PfCO holder:

  • It is the responsibility of the SUA Operator to ensure that the Operations Manual complies at all times with the current version of the ANO. 
  • You must update your OM as soon as practicable and ensure all Remote Pilots are competent with the regulations.
  • NOTE - The CAA now routinely audit PfCO holders. If they find your OM to be out of date, they have the power to immediately suspend your PfCO.

Click HERE to read CAP 1763