Is a career in unmanned aviation for you?

Here at UAVAir we would like to inform you of some of the exciting opportunities you will have, should you wish to train to become a professional drone pilot.

The videos displayed are from our partner companies, showcasing some of what is possible to achieve as a professional drone pilot.

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At UAVAir you can get qualified to operate drones of different sizes and types, allowing you to gain a place in this new and fast growing industry.

Once the course is successfully completed you will gain a UAQ – Unmanned Aviation Qualification, which will allow you to apply for a position as a drone pilot with a current operator. Should you on the other-hand wish to pursue a career as self-employed, you will be in a position to apply to the CAA for a PFAW – Permission For Aerial Work, allowing your company to fly drones or UAV’s commercially.

The industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and new technologies and applications are being introduced all the time. It is therefore hard to list all the options you will have once qualified – in fact it may well be entirely up to your own imagination.

Some of our partners here at UAVAir have vast experience within the industry and they are the proof that flying drones for a living can be both exciting and rewarding.

For example, the industry has allowed our partners at Cloud12 to put their skills to use not only here in the UK, but also abroad, like when they had the exciting task to work along side Rudimental, filming scenes for their music video “Not Giving In” in the Philippines.

Or UAViate & Cloud12’s recent involvement with a big film production in London, where they were working side by side with famous producers and actors, filming the new 2016 Blockbuster “London has Fallen”.

A lot of work needs to be put into the planning and execution of a big job like the one mentioned above, and doing this particular shoot, UAViate once again managed to design a safety case which allowed them to film in the middle of London, something that isn’t normally allowed.

Every job flying a drone commercially requires thorough planning, to make sure that the product is turning out to the clients satisfaction, but also so that the flight can be carried out in such away that it is both safe and legal. This is why we at UAVAir focus a lot of the training on how to execute the planning, helping our students to succeed as highly skilled pilots, and enabling them to perform similar high profile jobs in the future.

Most people start out doing Aerial Photography of estates and weddings etc. But the many applications and business opportunities range from Film Making to Inspection Work, in fact Drones are even being used for search and rescue and many other things. So as mentioned above, it is only your imagination that sets the limit.

We hope this short article has sparked your interest, and that flying drones is something that you would consider doing for a living. Here at UAVAir we are very excited about all the new opportunities this new technology has given us and this is why we are passionate about delivering the best possible training, allowing us to help our students along on their journey to become highly skilled and professional operators.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of drones or the training we offer, then why not contact us to learn more.

Safe flying
Bjarne - UAVAir

A Drone is also known as a UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / UAS - Unmanned Aerial System / RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft System / SUAS - Small Unmanned Aircraft System.