Commercial Drone Training Newbury

UAVAir offers our award-winning Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) commercial drone training course in Newbury, Berkshire. We have been helping organisations put drones sky in the safely since 2014 and have successfully trained over 1000 pilots. We guarantee embarking on this course will give you everything you need to be a safe, diligent drone operator and make your application to the Civil Aviation Authority for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) as simple and painless as possible; ensuring you  understand the complexities of operating in Newbury, Berkshire, the South and further afield.

The Ground School and Flight Assessment are held at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire. Hot tea & coffee, cold drinks, fresh pastries and a catered lunch are provided during your two day Ground School course.

Our next course(s) are:

Saturday 15th - Monday 17th September 2018

Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th November 2018

UAQ Drone Training Course Cost: £999 + VAT

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Upon booking you will:

  • receive confirmation of place on our award winning drone training course
  • gain access to our excellent learning management system
  • be posted a physical hard copy of our professional course study manual
  • be invited to our active facebook student support group with over 500 members

Upon successful completion of the drone training course, you will:

  • Be recommended to the Civil Aviation Authority to be issued a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).
  • Offered the opportunity to apply for a Proqual Level 3 or Level 4 Certificate in Unmanned Systems
  • Invited to our graduate facebook support group for continuing support.
  • Be able to utilise drones as a tool to capture more data, images or video from previously unachievable perspectives. 

Course address: 

Newbury Racecourse plc
The Racecourse
RG14 7NZ

Our location is within easy access of these locations. Approximate distance and driving times below:

Swindon 30 miles / 43 minutes

Basingstoke 18 miles / 33 minutes

Andover 19 miles / 37 minutes

Oxford 29 miles / 42 minutes

Slough 41 miles / 50 minutes

Farnborough 36 miles / 55 minutes

We also have alternative dates and locations available for CAA PfCO Training. 

CAA PfCO Training By Location


  • Sat 6th - Mon 8th October


  • Sat 10th November - Mon 12th November


  • Mon 10th December - Wed 12th December


  • Sat 1st December - Mon 3rd December


  • Sat 15th September - Mon 17th September
  • Mon 26th November - Weds 28th November


  • Sat 6th October - Monday 8th October & Sat 1st December - Monday 3rd December


  • Sat 13th October - Monday 15th October 2018


  • Saturday 29th September - Monday 1st October 2018

CAA PfCO Training By Month





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