The MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces.

If you want to use your ELC for drone training, please visit the following company's website:

T McAdams Security Training

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This course gives you everything you need to be a safe, diligent and confident drone operator by ensuring you understand the complexities of operating a small unmanned aircraft anywhere in the UK.  It will prepare you fully to make your application to the Civil Aviation Authority for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). 

Fulfilment of all CAA processes, including reviews of Operations Manuals and issuing the Full Category Recommendation required to apply for a CAA PfCO, will be provided by Consortiq as a CAA approved National Qualified Entity (NQE).

Upon successful completion of the drone training course, you will:

Be able to satisfy the CAA's requirements for a competency as a Remote Pilot and as an SUA Operator.

Be recommended to the CAA to be issued a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

Be awarded a ProQual Level 3 Certificate or Level 4 Diploma in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for the Purposes of Commercial Operations.

Be able to utilise your drone as a tool within your own business or pursue a career as a remote pilot for an existing organisation.

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I have found the whole experience and everyone at Consortiq very professional. The online learning portal was easy to use very informative. Very well thought out. I really enjoyed the ground school with Jamie and Seamus, both highly knowledgeable and very willing to share the experiences and advice. I had a lot of question and they both took the time ensure I understood the answers. I would like to thank both for everything. I will definitely recommend Consortiq. I cannot thank everyone enough

Jamie Buckham |

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