Search and Rescue Drone Training

Our Search and Rescue (SAR) training course is a tailored, context-specific course for SAR teams. The course addresses the challenges SAR teams face in the field, to make the UAQ more relevant.

With a focus on SAR, this industry specific bolt-on will include application training designed to meet the needs of contemporary field personnel. Ultimately, the goal is to train more relevant, multi-skilled drone pilots, capable of applying their skills to SAR applications. For SAR teams, this represents reduced training costs, with savings that can be channeled back into your life-saving organisations. As well as a new emphasis on SAR, the UAQ-SAR course will also address a range of continuing professional development modules. These include search techniques, water rescue and night operations.

We can tailor any SAR specific training to meet your team's needs and even host it at your venue. If you're interested in an SAR bolt-on, please get in touch with us to further discuss your requirements.

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