UAVAir Drone Flight Assessment

Our Flight Assessment is available to individuals who have already passed the theoretical course with UAVAir or an equivalent NQE. In addition, this is also available to current operators looking to get qualified on a different class of drone for their business. Our Flight Assessment is conducted in ATTI or similar mode (non-GPS) so you must practice flying this mode regularly.

Skills Test Content

Although there is far more to the Flight Assessment that just flying the drone itself, at UAVAir we believe in de-mystifying what is involved in the actual skills test and being transparent about it – so as a candidate you know if you are ready to take the Flight Assessment based on your own performance in practice.

Therefore, upon enrolling on a course with us, unique to UAVAir we will give you our Skills Test Candidate Guide, which outlines the manoeuvres you will be expected to perform on the day in detail. As a general guide these may include:

  • Hovering in a fixed position
  • Orbit an object
  • Height perception
  • Linear tracking
  • Emergency procedures

General Information

The Flight Assessment can be done with reference to the QRH we provide, or candidates can choose to bring their own Flight Reference Handbook or Flight Reference Cards should they prefer. Each candidate will be fully briefed so they know exactly what to expect and all efforts will be made to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere so as to bring out the best performance in each individual. The Flight Assessment should last no longer than one hour.

Course Requirements

  • A drone supplied by yourself
  • Minimum 2 hours logged flight time*
  • Insurance*

*Before completing the Flight Assessment, you must ensure that you have logged a minimum of 2 hours flight time on the type of drone you are being assessed on, within the previous 3 months. You must also take out applicable drone insurance.

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