Drone Flight Assessment

The flight assessment is the third of our three day UAQ Fast Track PfCO course. Your first Flight Assessment is included in the cost of the Fast Track course, and is £215+VAT to resit if you failed the first time, or are adding another drone category to your PfCO. 

Unlike other NQE's, you will not be required to develop part of your Operations Manual, or 'Flight Reference Cards' before taking your Flight Assessment. We will provide you with our signature 'Flight Assessment Handbook' which comes with procedures and checklists that are suitable for most types of drones, so you can focus on learning these, rather than worrying about whether they are fit for purpose. 

Skills Test Content

Although there is far more to the Flight Assessment that just flying the drone itself, at UAVAir we believe in de-mystifying what is involved in the actual skills test and being transparent about it – so as a candidate you know if you are ready to take the Flight Assessment based on your own performance in practice.

Therefore, upon enrolling on a course with us, we will give you our Skills Test Candidate Guide, which outlines the manoeuvres you will be expected to perform on the day in detail. As a general guide these may include:

  • Hovering in a fixed position
  • Orbit an object
  • Height perception
  • Linear tracking
  • Emergency procedures

Course Requirements

  • A drone supplied by yourself
  • A minimum of two hours logged flight time, within in the past three months, on the type of drone you will be assessed on
  • Applicable drone insurance
  • Be 18 years or older

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