Drone Courses

Our UK drone pilot training course is market-leading and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) compliant. The Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) that every successful graduate receives, serves as proof of competence when applying to the CAA for a PfCO, and allows graduates to seek employment with existing drone companies that hold a permission.

Our instructors are highly experienced civilian commercial operators, and many were involved in the design and development of the courses. As former military and civilian, rotary and fixed wing, manned and remote pilots and former air traffic controllers, they ensure that the training is up-to-date and relevant, satisfying not just the CAA requirements but also preparing graduates for their first job as a commercial drone operator. 

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Professional UAQ Course

The UAQ course will allow you to gain employment as a professional drone pilot and/or enable you to apply for your PfCO. We are the only NQE whose Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) is dual-recognised; not only by the CAA but also by ProQual as an academic recognition of your capabilities as a drone pilot.

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Learn to Fly a Drone with UAVAir

This is for anybody wishing to receive private instruction on how to operate their drone safely and efficiently.

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Search and Rescue Accredited Drone Training

We have collaborated with Surrey Search and Rescue to develop a tailored, context-specific training course for Search and Rescue (SAR) teams.

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Drone Training for the Media Industry

UAVAir is pleased to offer our Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) Media course, an end-to-end course aimed at giving those working in TV and video production all the practical and theoretical skills to begin to operate drones safely and efficiently.

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ProQual Level 3 & 4 Accreditation in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAVAir is pleased to offer all of our candidates the ability to receive a worldwide academically recognised qualification along with our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved UAQ drone training course. All candidates will be able to receive a Level 3 or Level 4 qualification from ProQual in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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Fast-Track Drone Course £1415 ex. VAT

Pay upfront and complete the Unmanned Aircraft Qualification in just 3 days.

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Pay As You Go – start your journey at £250 ex. VAT

Spread the cost and the learning.

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Manned Pilot Conversion Course £940 ex. VAT

Do you have a PPL or above? Our manned pilot conversion course is available to manned pilots looking to fly drones commercially.

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Ground School £1200 ex. VAT

Do you have a drone yet? If not, our Ground School is the perfect place to start. The course runs over two days and is the beginning of the PfCO process. Once completed and ready to fly, you can book your Flight Assessment.

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Flight Assessment £215 ex. VAT

Our UAQ Flight Assessment is available to individuals who have already passed the theoretical assessment with UAVAir. This is also available to current operators looking to get qualified in a different class of drone for their business.

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