UAQ Fast-Track Drone Course


The Fast-Track course is set over three days and covers all the necessary components for the operator to then apply for their PfCO.  It is the first course that can offer the completion of the Flight Assessment without the need to return at a later date, saving you time and money.

Upon signing up for the course you will gain access to our candidate’s section where you will have access to:

  • Welcome Pack – All the details you will need to arrive in the right place at the right time and be fully up to speed on what will be expected of you to complete the course.
  • Course Study Manual (CSM) – All the theoretical knowledge you will need to pass the theory exam is in this document. It is a pre-course requirement that you have read this document and have a good working knowledge of the contents.
  • UAQ Ground School Course – Here we have broken the sections of the Course Study Manual down into subject lessons so it is easier to digest. Where relevant there are supplementary videos to aid learning. At the end of each lesson, there is a quiz that has a selection of questions in the same style as those in the final exam for exam practice.
  • Flight Reference Handbook – Contains some useful tools, tables and reference charts that will help you not only with the course but also into your piloting careers.
  • Exam Reference Material – All the material you will need to reference to complete the exam is contained in this document.


Ground School (2 days)

The course starts with two days of ground school. The Course Study Manual contains all the information required to pass the theory exam section of the course, but during the ground school stage we will go over the important areas and ensure that you are fully prepared for both the Theoretical Exam and the Flight Planning Assessment.

The ground school phase will be facilitated by two instructors, one with a primary background in manned aviation and one from a UAV operational background who is current and working in the industry at the highest levels. This combined experience is unique to UAVAir and ensures you receive the best instruction available to help you gain your UAQ and PfCO.

The emphasis during this stage is practical application through case studies and discussion.  We will see how the theoretical knowledge is applied to the real world operations you will be carrying out on a daily basis.

Through a series of Flight Planning exercises, we will bring together all the theoretical elements and ensure that a good understanding of how they work ‘in the field’ has been achieved.

The ground school stage culminates at the end of day two with the Theory Exam and the Flight Planning Assessment. It is our objective to have a 100 % pass rate of both these exams and we will do our part to help you achieve the required standard.

Flight Assessment(1 Day)

As the Flight Planning Assessment has already been completed, the focus of the last day is totally on the Flight Assessment. This can be done with reference to the handbook we provide, or candidates can choose to bring their own reference material should they prefer. Each candidate will be fully briefed so they know exactly what to expect and all efforts will be made to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere so as to bring out the best performance in each individual. The Flight Assessment should last no longer than one hour.

Upon the successful completion of the Flight Assessment, the candidate will be awarded the UAQ and will have the option to use it as a stand-alone qualification to apply to work under a pre-existing company Operations Manual or to combine it with their own Operations Manual and apply for a PfCO.

Operations Manual

As part of the course, UAVAir will provide an Operations Manual Template that the candidate can use as they see fit. There will be a section, during the second day, that will cover the Operations manual and how to write one. The CAA has stated that it is an essential part of the qualification process that any company wishing to work under a PfCO must write the Operations manual themselves. UAVAir will help anyone going through this process where required at no further cost.

Unmanned Aircraft Qualification, ProQual Level 3 & 4 Accreditation

UAVAir is pleased to offer all of our candidates the ability to receive a worldwide academically recognised qualification along with our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved UAQ drone training course. All candidates will be able to receive a Level 3 or Level 4 qualification from ProQual in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Find out more.

Course Requirements

  • A laptop or tablet
  • A drone supplied by yourself
  • Min 2 hours logged flight time*
  • Insurance*

*Before completing the Flight Assessment, you must ensure that you have logged a minimum of 2 hours flight time on the type of drone you are being assessed on, within the previous 3 months. You must also take out applicable drone insurance.


Fast-Track Course £1415

Prices are all inclusive (ex. VAT), however insurance and additional application fees to the CAA are separate and payable by the student. Prices may be subject to change.

In recent guidance issued by the CAA concerning the ability for a minor to enter a legally binding contract, they have stated that they will not approve and issue a PfCO to any applicants under the age of 18. Thus UAVAir cannot issue a recommendation for a PfCO to the CAA for those under 18. An under 18-year-old can, however, work to an approved operators’ PfCO as an employable pilot. For further information on this, please get in touch with us.