Drone Flight Training with UAVAir

Bespoke Flight Training

Our drone flight training is aimed at all those who recognise the value of learning to fly the correct way, from the start, treating this as a career investment, not just as a hobby:

  • Those who want to get a job as a drone pilot who need evidence-based training.
  • Large companies who require a common-operating standard from all pilots.

From the first time you get your drone you will begin to work with a safe, structured methodology with our team of experienced UAVAir Instructors to develop the right skills and attitude when flying your drone commercially.  In a similar manner to manned aviation, each flight is aimed at bringing you up to our Flight Assessment standard as efficiently as possible.

Suggested Training Options (minimum 2 persons)

  • Introductory Lesson

You’ve owned your drone for a short time but want to progress the right way.  UAVAir will assess where you are then build on that: teaching not just the flying but also developing your airmanship, knowledge and the right attitude to progress further.

  • 2-Day Intensive Training

This allows us the ability to show you a wide variety of drone manoeuvres that act as the fundamental building blocks for your entry into flying.  Our instructors also talk technique; getting the most out of any Apps you might use, battery safety, platform and camera setup, understanding the different modes and how they will affect how you will subsequently have to film and fly.  This will put you on the right mode to get to our Flight Assessment standard.

  • Pre-Flight Assessment Check

When you sign up to take our UAQ Course, we are very candid and tell you the exact manoeuvres that will be assessed on our Flight Assessment. However we all suffer from nerves and want to know if we are on the right track.  This is exactly what this day will cover as well as your general flying, in addition explaining to candidates how to link the flying to a series of checklists and procedures, essential to operating commercially.

Once you have reached this standard, you join in with one of our CAA approved UAQ Drone Training Courses.

Do you have any more questions? Why not visit our FAQ page to find out more.

Want to find out more about our drone courses? Give us a call on +44 (0)208 0450 508 to discuss obtaining your UAQ drone licence with UAVAir.