5 Day Drone Flight Training in Spain with UAVAir

Professional and tailored residential Training in sunny Spain, for corporations and businesses looking to utilise Drones within their respective Industries.  Note this will only give you a UK qualification.

  • The cost of this course per person (minimum 6 on a course) is €4500 per person.
  • It will not qualify you to fly in Spain
  • The additional price is due to accomodation, instructor costs for 5 days, plus ATLAS venue hire
  • It does not include travel to the venue

UAVAir is pleased to announce the fastest, most comprehensive route to Commercial UAV Operations (UAQ and PfCO standard) for clients with zero experience, by taking advantage of our exclusive use of the ATLAS Centre, a purpose-built UAV Airport in the South-East of Spain for guaranteed weather and partnering this to some of the best UAV facilities in Europe.

This is our premier drone flight training solution for larger groups of candidates and corporate clients. The course hallmarks are in achieving standardisation between multiple crews and delivering a quality assured product, on this course designed based on airline training organisation principles for cadet pilots.


  • UAVAir Ground School Course in the UK or as a bolt-on in Spain
  • 5-Day Out-of the Box Flight Training Course which includes Flight Assessment
  • Minimum 6 persons
  • Each person will receive minimum 1 hours actual flying per day
  • Accommodation available 200m away

From zero experience we take you to PfCO standard and beyond.


We have secured exclusive use of the ATLAS Centre by a UK CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE) or any organisation with dealings in the United Kingdom that wishes to conduct UAV training.

  • Located in Villacarrillo, Spain, designed for light and tactical UAS/RPAS operations
  • 1000 Km2 of segregated airspace up to 5000 feet
  • Main runway of 600 meters
  • Telemetry and primary surveillance radar facilities available
  • Drone detection system using modified bird scanning technology
  • Suited orography and climatology enabling more than 300 days a year for operations
  • Full support to operations: Management of flight permits, coordination of flight operations, and interactions with Civil Aviation Authorities in Spain
  • Ideal for aircraft navigation, training, guidance and control technologies validation, qualification testing of new systems ATM/ATC and UAS/RPAS pilots, operators and mechanics accreditation, BVLOS testing


Only those instructors selected by the Board of Directors have been approved to deliver this course.

It is a 5 day residential course designed to encourage close-control skill with your drone without any knowledge or experience of the industry.

Starting from that position UAVAir have designed a Basic Flight Training syllabus that incorporates the key flying attributes a pilot new to the industry should have:

  • Pitch, Roll and Throttle Management
  • Climbing, Descending
  • Diagonal Motion
  • Yaw and Orientation Management
  • Circular Motion and Point of Interest Work
  • Depth Perception and Tracking

In addition students are taught from the very first time they fly (exactly the same as in manned aviation) a commercial methodology of operation to prevent any bad habits developing in the first instance:

  • Pilot Flight Time Logging
  • Aircraft, Battery, Propeller Logging
  • Maintenance Techniques
  • Battery Management

Professional organisations and commercial businesses are looking for a high standard of monitored training, guaranteed lead time and the right organisation to deliver this.  With the 5-day flight training course to PfCO level, that time has come.

As this is primarily a training course designed for businesses, if you are an individual still interested in grouping up with other like-minded professionals please contact us using the form below and we will add your name to a list of those wanting to take their whole course in Spain.  Once we have enough interest we would contact you.

The cost of this course per person (minimum 6 on a course) is €4500 per person and includes all accommodation, food, ATLAS hire, course materials, our UK instructors.  There are no set dates, but when we have enough expressions of interest to info@uav-air.com, we will contact all interested parties.

Do you have any more questions? Why not visit our FAQ page to find out more.

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