Welcome and thank you for signing up to the UAVAir UAQ course. This page outlines the information you will require to arrive at the right place at the right time and fully prepared for the successful completion of the UAQ course.

In order to have access to this page you will have been booked onto a course, and you will be aware of the dates. The course will start promptly at 0830 on day one. You will be required to have a few items with you for the course and these are listed in the welcome pack linked below.

At the bottom of the page are download links to some training material. There is also a link to the UAQ Ground School Course. This is a learning management system that hosts the Course Study Manual – videos and quizzes for each chapter.

Each lesson contains related videos to aid understanding and a quiz.
The quiz contains randomly generated questions from our question bank. These questions are in the same style as those that will make up the final exam. The quizzes are a pre-requisite to attending the Course, each with a pass mark of 80%. The quiz can be sat as many times as required to achieve the 80%.

Time on the course is tight and a good working knowledge of the material is essential to ensure success in achieving the required standard. Also no material is perfect so you are encouraged to self-study using the internet for chapters you feel you would like to go more in depth.

We are also on hand to aid where required and if you have any queries please contact us. First contact should be made through the email address listed. Once received one of our team of instructors will contact you in order to help where necessary.

Here are the download links to the material you will need to complete the UAQ course:

Note that the CSM and FAH should be mailed out to you prior to course attendance.  If you do not receive these please call the UAVAir office direct on 01489 611 720 (Mon-Fri: 09-17) or email in the Subject Line stating: CANDIDATE – in order to be processed as a matter of priority.

UAVAir – Welcome Pack

Flight Assessment – Candidates Guide

Exam Reference Material

Course Study Manual (CSM)

Flight Assessment Handbook (FAH)

How to Apply for your PfCO

Flight Planning and Site Assessment Form

UAQ Ground School Course